Planning for College

The Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan can help you put a child's college education within reach if you start early, contribute regularly and ask for help.

For most families, saving enough to pay for the costs of higher education can seem overwhelming. However, with good planning, funding a college education can be easier to achieve than you might think. We can help guide you from here to there.

Giving your child or loved one the gift of a college education may be one of the most important gifts you can give, because education can open doors to future economic success. Statistics show that median earnings (income) for a worker with a bachelor’s degree were 74 percent higher than median earnings for a worker with a high school diploma alone1. Over a lifetime working career, the difference can total upwards of $800,000.

1Table 3. Median Earnings for Workers Aged 25 and Over by Educational Attainment, Work Status, Sex, and Race and Hispanic Origin: 2007 (Earnings in dollars) Educational Attainment in the United States: 2007, US Census Bureau, January 2009

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