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Meet Lauren Ross, OCSP’s Road to College Blogger

Sep 14, 2018

Daughter and Beneficiary of OCSP account owner Diana Beasley, Lauren was selected to describe her Road to College experience through a series of 10 web and video blogs during her senior year in high school.

Lauren currently attends Edmond North High School in Edmond, Oklahoma and she plans to attend college next fall, with help from the OCSP account her mother established for her several years ago.

Read Lauren’s first blog submission below.

Lauren RossSo where do you want to go to college?

If I had a dollar for every time I had been asked that question this summer, I would have enough money to start paying for the colleges I am applying to. As senior year has swept upon me, an unexpected hurricane of emotions, ideas, plans or lack thereof has overrun my life. Sometimes it feels like I am going upstream without a paddle, while a downpour of expectations rains upon me from peers, parents and people in general.

I spent the last few days of my summer before senior year doing something that I absolutely never do unless I am stressed: clean. When I say “clean” I mean “Extreme Makeover Home Edition-level” clean. It was a multi-day process that required more time than I imagined. My parents called my room the war zone and stayed far away. I’m happy to announce that my room looks much more livable and a whole lot less like some contraption exploded sending everything everywhere. In a way, preparing for my senior year by cleaning up, tidying loose ends and feeling able to start fresh is a beautiful parallel to my own senior year.

I gave a monstrous number of bags to goodwill this year. Out with the old and in with the new. Or, more accurately, take a long hard look at what you have and where you want to go. Applying for college is one of the many parts of my senior year that forces me to take a look in the mirror at who I am and consider who I want to be. There is no time like the present to start fresh.

That’s exactly what I did before this school year started. I cleaned my room. I also cleaned up my phone, deleting apps I was using too much, clearing up storage and all-around attempting to start fresh for my final year in high school. Maybe going on an all-out disaster-level cleanup effort in my room is not what many would choose to do in their final days of freedom before their senior year, but it gave me peace of mind and an opportunity to reflect on why I kept my graded papers from fourth grade. Turns out you won’t really need them someday.

Cleaning my room made me question a lot of choices I had made in my life, especially fashion ones. More importantly, I wondered why I hadn’t taken as many pictures as I wanted or gone to as many football games as I would have liked. Anyone in debate can understand that Friday nights are usually taken up by tournaments, but I had no excuse to only attend two games last year when I could have easily attended more. I was never immersed in the “high school experience.” I rejected it before I even gave it a chance as a freshman. My mom called it my “alternative” stage, but I think it was the false ideals I picked up from Highschool Musical that turned me off of the reality of the four years that I was about to endure. Cleaning up and cleaning out gave me a chance to reflect on what I wanted to do differently this last year.

I might have prepared for my road to college by attacking my house with Clorox and a duster, but you can prepare for your road to college in whatever way that makes you feel prepared. It might mean getting new school supplies or in my case it means finding old letters you wrote to Hannah Montana but never sent. To each their own.


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